Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day or Single Awareness Day, there’s plenty of love to share on February 14th. While Valentine’s Day is mainly seen as the day where couples walk hand-in-hand with heart shaped balloons, candies, etc, singles can spend time with who the friend or family member they cherish. Whoever you choose to spend Valentine’s Day with, New Braunfels is completely at your dispense! Here are the Top 5 Ways To Spend Valentine’s Day. Friendly Reminder: Tune into the Real Deal Radio Show on KGNB every Saturday!

Stars & Stripes Drive-In. Shooting for a movie night on Valentine’s Day? Take a retro twist, and watch the movie under the stars. The Stars and Stripes Drive-In is not only the perfect way to watch a movie, but is incredibly romantic. Check for movie times today!

The Grapevine In Gruene. Nothing screams romance more than wine! The Grapevine is the perfect Valentine’s Day opportunity and is located in the beautiful Gruene Historic District. Choose from a variety of different contemporary tastes. Visit their website and check out their selections!

2-Tarts. Satisfy your sweet tooth desires at this downtown bakery! 2-Tarts is a fantastic place to visit post-Valentine’s Day dinner for that special dessert cravings you and your loved one may have. They’re in easy walking distance, especially if you’re dining in downtown New Braunfels. Check out their menu items today!

Gruene Mansion Inn. Want to have a small staycation for Valentine’s Day weekend? The Gruene Mansion not only holds the romantic charm but perfectly matches it with its classic feel. Choose the perfect room - from the amazing river views to the small and cozy settings. For rooms and availability check out their website!

Painting With A Twist. Celebrate Valentine’s Day in unique and artistic style. Follow along with an instructor as you paint from the heart. Bring along wine, or even go out on a double date with another couple! For more info visit their website!