The process of buying and/or selling a home is already tough, but there is extra pressure when parents have to worry about getting their kids into a new school at the same time. While moving before school starts can be intimidating and hectic, it doesn’t necessarily have to be. Here are our 5 tips essential for your “back to school” big move!

  1. Activate all services. Don’t start the school year out in the dark. Be sure to activate your electricity, water, trash, cable and even internet before you move. Your kids (especially teenagers) will thank you. If you need a list of local service companies, just let us know.
  2. Leave nothing behind. Whether it's a stuffed animal or a cell phone, kids of all ages have some sort of comfort item. On moving day, make sure these special items are accounted for to make the transition easier.
  3. Practice morning routine. During the summer, most kids get in the habit of sleeping in. Practicing your morning routine a week or so before school starts will make getting to school a lot easier. Also, be sure to check your school district’s website for official bus stop and school start times.
  4. Get social. The hardest part of any move is making new friends. Keep your eye out for “back to school” neighborhood events or even just try chatting with your immediate neighbors. Getting to know your neighbors is one of the easiest ways to make your new house feel like a home.
  5. Tour new school. Don’t let your kids aimlessly wander the halls on their first day. Get permission from the school to take a tour around the campus before the first day. Also, keep a look out for “Meet The Teacher” events.

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