While the leaves are turning brown, red, and bright orange, some of you are considering making that big step in buying or selling a home in the second-hottest realty season of the year. With summer ending, Fall is actually the perfect time to buy or sell your home - especially since the heat of the summer market is starting to cool down. However, before you start putting up the For Sale signs and scan the local neighborhoods for a dream home, consider these buying and selling tips:

  1. Clean up the front yard. Whether you like it or not, the weather will never be on your side, epsecially in South Texas. Leaves, branches, and other debris distract from the potential of how good the yard can actually look. Bust out the rakes and gather some leaf piles. Also, be sure to mow the overgrown grass Summer may have left for you.
  2. Check maintenance areas. Fall isn’t too nice on the gutter drainage or upkeep of a home’s exterior. It’s essential to check places like the furnace, look for leakage issues, or search for drafts while making sure a property is the right one for you. This will help as prices are tossed around, and if any maintenance is needed, you can flex the pricing.
  3. Create Curb Appeal. Autumn can be a naturally pretty season. Look into Fall blooming flowers  like marigolds and start planting them in pots or in the front yard. Pumpkins and other squash are great to show off during the season as well. Dress your home up for the season and buyers will “Fall” in love with your home!
  4. Negotiate. Was there a home that caught your attention during the Summer that hasn’t sold yet? Take advantage of the likelihood for negotiations know that the house could one day soon be yours.
  5. Invest your time. The downside of Fall is that businesses start picking up again, and work gets awfully busier. Any buyer or seller out there has to be prepared to invest time in this process. It can be a huge struggle, but with the top notch agents at Lee Edwards Realty on your side, everything will go much smoother!

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