Did you know major spike in the real estate market occurs during Spring? Year after year this blossoming season sees more houses being put up on the market and more interest from buyers. Why you ask?

  • Spring creates a pleasant timeframe for transition. Gone are the time consuming fall and winter holidays.

  • Spring is  a great season for curb appeal. Between annual blooms and keeping a trim yard, homeowners are typically on top of their outdoor maintenance.

  • It's also not uncommon for homeowners to get value increasing projects like remodels or outdoor living spaces done this time of year.

Are you looking to buy? Shake off the winter blues, take advantage of warmer weather and let us help you find your dream home. In preparation for this seasonal real estate boom, here are five tips for buying a house this Spring:

  1. Hit The Pavement - Put your laptop, tablet, and smart phone down. This market is hot and if you spend too much time comparing listings online you will miss out. Check out as many open houses as you can.

  2. Educate Yourself - New Braunfels currently has an average home value rate of $208,300. Our agents are well versed on market values in local neighborhoods and would be happy to share some information with you.

  3. Act Fast - Home loan interest rates are at an all time low. In some markets, mortgage payments are even recording lower than rent. We all know this won’t last forever, so don’t miss out.

  4. Build Your Team - Once you find your dream home the last thing you want is red tape slowing you down. Choose your real estate agent, lender, and inspector now. Also, get a head start on gathering all your financial documents that will be needed for closing.

  5. Plan Your Moves - Once you have your team in place, communication is key. In case of a bidding war, let your agent know what counteroffers or contingencies you are comfortable with ahead of time.

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