Edwards Property Management takes pride in working with owners, tenants and investors. Not only can we help you find rentals in the New Braunfels and surrounding areas, but we can also help educate you on the buying or selling process. If you are a looking to become a property owner, we would be more than happy to explain the local market and costs associated with investment properties. Our company oversees the leasing, management and oversight for both residential and commercial clients.

Are you a property owner wondering if you should hire a property manager or not? Here are five things a property manager does for you:

  1. Property managers work most often with homes, apartments, mobile homes, office spaces, storage facilities, vacation properties, and industrial warehouse space.

  2. Property managers act on behalf of the owner to preserve the property’s value. Property managers will market and maintain the property well, in order to minimize vacancies and maximize the owner’s income.

  3. Property managers work on the owner’s behalf with maintenance companies. Anything from touch-ups to landscaping falls under the property managers responsibility to collect contracts and present them to the property owner. A good property manager will discuss the contract options together with the property owner to see which option is the best fit.

  4. Property managers are responsible for budgeting all property expenses and planning all tasks such as securing renters, negotiating rental agreements, and collecting rent. Property expenses include repairs that need to be made to the property, cleaning, maintenance, improvements, and  inspections.

  5. Speaking of inspections, a good property manager will respond quickly to requests related to the property (whether that be for inspections or showings). Your property manager should work with you on getting  your property ready for showings and in most cases actually present the property to prospective tenants.

For property management services, give D. Lee Edwards Realty, Inc. a call at 830-620-7653!