2017 has come fast and furious, and New Braunfels is growing rapidly. With the new year, we make different kinds of resolutions and plans. Among the real estate predictions of 2017, it looks like this year will be another healthy market for real estate. So what does this mean for us in the Hill Country? As New Braunfels continues to sell houses like hot cakes - and still remains to be the second fastest growing city in the nation - there appears to be a high demand this year that could potentially affect buyers and sellers in a profitable way. Here are the 5 Buying & Selling Tips For 2017! And if you’re looking for a beautiful home or lot in the Hill Country check out the Active Listings and give us a call at 830-620-7653.

Sellers: The Advantage Of Changing Seasons. A property’s curb appeal is much higher than you think. Dig through old pictures of views from the house, leaf changes during the fall, or the green grass during the summertime. This could give sellers an advantage during competition seasons to get their property sold.

Buyers: Know Hidden Costs. Mortgage costs, land transfer fees, legal costs - there are always invisible numbers that are important to know when buying a house. Get your realtor to help calculate the potential final closing price. In the end, it’ll be worth knowing what to prepare for so nothing comes as a shock.

Sellers: “Spring Cleaning” Begins Anytime. Since 2017 will be a scorcher in the market, the seller’s job is now to make the home worth its price tag. This means clean, clean, clean, and more cleaning. Is there an electrical problem in the home? Don’t wait for the buyer to fix it. You could potentially walk away with more than you’d expect if the simple fixes get done.

Buyers: 1st-Timers, Get Out There! The predicted 52% of home sales in 2017 are going to first time buyers - large portions of that number are a mix of millennials and those coming from urban rental homes. Don’t wait to get in on the competition during the spring, as it’ll be fierce - start considering now.

Buyers & Sellers: Get The Right Agent. Real estate is tricky, stressful, and can be a little intimidating. Which is why buyers and sellers need the right people on their side. The D. Lee Edwards Realty team knows the Hill Country and upholds honesty and trustworthiness when it comes to working with clients!